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Dandy Mail Migration to Office 365

Sun, May 4 2014: E-mail services will be down starting at 3:30P and will be down indefinitely as service are transferred from servers running at the home office to the Microsoft Exchange 365 servers.

What to expect.

You will not be receiving any e-mail for today. Starting at 11:30 this morning mail delivery was halted from delivery in preparation for the mail migration. All e-mail delivered from 11:30a to 12:00a on Monday 5/5/2014 will be parked at yahoo servers and will be resolved once the migration is complete. So the company will still receive mail during this period, but individuals will not be able to access any new E-Mails.

Anyone trying to access the servers at the home office after 3:30p will not be able to. You will most likely receive an error on your mail client or device (smart phone, tablet, etc...).

All mail sent to our offices after 12:00a on 5/5/2014 to 4:00a on 5/5/2014 may not be delivered at all. This is why I picked zero hour to do the cut over.

How do I configure my mail client to access my live (office 365) messages?

For outlook, the supported method for office 365 is Exchange. I will no longer support POP3 or IMAP for message retrieval (Unless there is a special case need, call me if you have trouble setting this up.):

Note: I realize some of our users are using clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, these are unique cases in which POP3 or IMAP cannot be avoided. I will support your client only as long as there is no other solution to resolving you immediate need. Once Exchange services are available for your client I will move you in that direction.

The first thing you should note is your office365 logon information. Unlike before you will be able to change your password once you sign into the online portal. I ask that all off-site/mobile users of office 365 logon to the portal to experience the website and get familiar with it.

Office 365 logon portal:

Logon using your email address and your previous password (call me if you forgot this information):

Username: someuser@dandyamusement.com
Password: <your dandy password>

Security Notes:

1)      It is a good idea to be on WiFi rather than your data plan if you are setting things up for a mobile device because of speed. But if you are in a public location (Open or Closed WiFi) then I suggest you disconnect WiFi entirely and use your data plan to complete the setups.

2)      Once you have signed into the Office 365 portal, change your password. You can find instructions on how to do that here:
-- Note: If I need direct access to your mail box for any reason I will issue a password reset. Once this is done you will not be able to use your current password again. Usually I can access what I need through the admin console, but if not then I will force a password reset and you will have to create a new password when I am done.


Keep the site open while you follow the next steps for setting up outlook…

Microsoft already provides the steps involved in great detail. You should have already noted your user name and password and have already successfully signed into the Microsoft online portal (https://portal.microsoftonline.com) to be able to follow along.


Note: There is a lot of info on this page. For the most part it is just relative information such as system requirements and optional setup methods. I have not tested the “Lync” connection method which may be necessary if you don’t have Outlook 2011 for Mac or Entourage. I have tested the standard method of connection through “Exchange” and it works fine without any additional software to download.



iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:
Note: Once again I will only support the Exchange method of connecting to Office 365. If you decide to use OWA or any other method besides Exchange you will be on your own to figure out problems…

Windows Phone:

Note: Microsoft does not provide an Exchange applet for BlackBerry. This is a special case device and I will support POP3 and IMAP on this device…

Note: While there is talk about releasing an exchange service for Linux there is nothing to date, so I consider Linux to be a special case need and will support Thunderbird running POP3 or IMAP…
--Non Microsoft Info (Specific to Mozilla Thunderbird):

Any other operating systems or devices may not be supported; so call me if you have anything other than what is listed here. You can find a list of what is supported and how to configure them once you log into the portal (https://portal.microsoftonline.com) and select “Phone & Tablets” on the getting started screen.

Please try the steps outlined here first, call me only if you are having trouble getting things started.

 You can also download these instructions in MS Word format:


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