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How to install any Nvidia geforce video card on Aliens Extermination


Aliens Extermination games use a micro version of WindowsXP which you can load drivers into (thankfully). If the video card goes out on an Aliens game you can use the steps outlined below to get any NVidia video card working on the computer.

First the computer will ask for drivers once you install the video card, I supplied the drivers on this website in the utilities folder labeled “EVGA_NVidia_Video_Drivers (CD-Ver_09-210-50-1).ISO”. You need to download that and burn it onto a cdrom; instructions on how to do so can be found on this site, do a search for "burn cd rom". Next you need to download the image labeled “Video Resolution Changer.iso”, also found in the utilities folder. This disk is needed because once you install the video card drivers the resolution will change to a higher resolution and you will get an out of range error on the monitor. So here are the steps:

1.)    Install the OS disk for Aliens,  the original disk is fine.
2.)    Once the OS is installed you need to install the video card drivers, I would advise you take a mouse – I’m not sure if you can tab with the keyboard to the right button. And select auto reboot when prompted (incase the video goes out of range and you can see what to do next).
3.)    Once the video drivers are installed the system should reboot to an “out of range” message on the monitor. Wait till you feel the system is booted completely and then put in the “Video resolution changer disk”. This disk will reset the resolution for you automatically, but you have to be in windows to use it.
4.)    Load the Aliens game disk and your done.

Let me know if you have any questions on this…

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