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Remove Free Disk Space Check from Drift computers.

As you may know, some of the drift installs (especially if from Betson) have a free disk space check that loads just before the game is to start. This utility (while it is good to know that the disk is ok) is a royal pain. Lets say for instance that you are re-installing the game, at this point the system is freshly loaded and presumed clean. This utility makes a busy technician wait up to an hour before he is able to fully calibrate and test the game.

To disable this feature you will need a "Game Admin disk" which is available from the "Company File Browser". Follow the steps below to remove this feature.

(assuming that you have already burned the disk)

1.) Insert the disk and when the boot loader for the Game Admin disk comes up. Choose the "Dandy Game Admin" list item.

2.) Once the game admin is open close the initial dialog screen to view just the desktop.

3.) Double click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop once it is open then click Double click on "local disk (C:)" to open it [it may be labeled as FNF-C or similar].

4.) Once disk drive 'C' is open find the file "dochkdsk.bat" and single click it to select it.

5.) Rename the file you just selected from "dochkdsk.bat" to "dochkdsk.bat.bak" (without the quotes of coarse) by right clicking on the file and choose "Rename" from the drop down menu.

6.) Once renamed click "Start->Shutdown" then choose "Restart" from the resulting dialog.

7.) As the system is booting remove the cd from the drive.

:)-  Your done! The free disk space check is now disabled...

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Last updated 1589 days ago by Paul Wright