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Fun Stop Photo System Restore

photo 20130422_151055.jpg


If your photo booth has an error message like the above or similar during boot up and the game doesn't load, the machine's flash drive most likey got corrupted.

Here's something that you can try to restore the software:

1. Turn off the machine.

2. Insert a usb keyboard (located on the lower left section inside the dba door or any open slot on the motherboard)

3. Restart the machine.

4. Wait until prompted with "Press ESC to enter recovery mode: ".

5. You will be prompted with several options by number, select #2 option for "Full system restore".

6. Confirm selection and wait 5 - 10 mins. Do not turn off the machine during restoration process.

7. When done, turn off the machine, remove keyboard and cycle power back on.


* Having the keyboard plugged in enables the "Recovery Mode" option.

* This procedure was tested on machine with software version 1.4.9. Not sure if it will work on older versions.

Hope that helps.

Last updated 1763 days ago by Stephen Rebueno