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How to test and confirm Drift link

To test an confirm link between two Drift cabinets:

Enter the test menu by pressing the test button. (while in the menu, use view 1 for up, view 3 for down, start for enter, and music for back)

Select Diagnostics

Select link system

with status highlighted, the right side of the screen should read:

      Link system is enabled

     My machine ID: x (1or 2)

     total machines linked: 1

     Address: 192.168.1.xx (different depending on machine)

select reliability test

run reliability test for about 5 min (anything above 95% is acceptable)

go back to diagnostics menu (press music button)

select show machine ID

both machines should show:

     Machine ID:

         x (one will say 1, the other 2)

If status dose not read correctly, the reliability test was less that 95%, or either machine did not show machine id on screen,

ensure ALL the settings on both machines are the same

check/replace the cross over cable

if problem persists, make a ticket.

Last updated 1775 days ago by Anthony Thompson

During attract mode, you can push any key on the player PIN keypad. The machine will go to an info screen about saving your player data, then a few seconds later, all linked machines will go to a "Up to X can play" screen where "X' is the number of linked cabinets. It also shows the machine # below that. This works on F&F, Drift, and Superbikes.

If you're having difficulty getting a pair linked, change the state of dip switch #2 and power cycle the computer (or entire machine). This adds 2 to the seat number (changing seat 1 to 3, and seat 2 to 4). The game will reboot again after it sees that the machine ID has changed. I've found that this fixes most issues that are not caused by bad link cables or mismatched software revisions.

TJ Beyer 1770 days ago