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5/4/2014 - Migration has begun. Please refer to the following page for more information:


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2/16/2012: Teletrac messaging seems to have a bug when sending order or service requests. Please be advised that when sending teletrac orders do not use an apostraphy in the message. For instance ...

1/23/2012: Games that include the 8400GS-EXi video card may show "Out of Range" on the monitors. There is no problem here, the games show this when the video drivers have not been installed yet by the operating system.

12/7/2011:Need for Speed Underground restore disk has been updated to include support for Jaton Geforce 8400GS-EXi video card.

11/21/2011: TJ Beyer has reported the following:
Zotac 9800 GT video cards work in Terminator Salvation without having to reload the software, if replacing an EVGA card that originally shipped with the computer.

 11/18/2011: Fast & Furious Drift version 1.21D.R2-EXi is ready. This version fixes previous issues reported with Drift game system software. Read more...

11/14/2011: Issue found when installing new 8400GS-EXi drivers on Fast & Furious Drift computers using Dandy Hardware.

11/14/2011: Issue found when installing new video card 8400GS-EXi drivers on OEM motherboards.